Spectral- and densitometer combined in one device,
for use in Pressroom and Prepress

■ CMYK density- and dot measurment
■ L.a.b. and Delta-E values realtive to reference of last          
   measured values
■ Spectrum: moving line across the displayed curve shows the
  corresponding values
■ XYZ: Color metric values of X,Y,Z
■ xyZ: Color metric values of x,y,Z
■ Slope adjustment for each separate channel
■ Dot size ajustment conform Yule Nielsen for each channel
​   separate
■ Transmission/remission
■ 2°/10° observer angle
■ Density filters ANSI-A, ANSI-T, DIN, DIN-NB
■ Illumination A, B, D50, D65

Shamrock Spectra, spectral meter
Shamrock Spectra, spectral- and densitometer in one device for the graphical arts industry