Shamrock Anti Algea products, will save money and increase your production​
Shamrock Anti Algae products are ecological save products

​Shamrock Anti Algae for photographic waterbaths 

is a maintenance-free dosage system of hard-pressed tablets in a dispenser. If used continually, the growth of algae and bacteria is definitively eliminated, both in water bath and racks.

Successfully used in graphical arts industry in prepress, repro and photo-typesetting, in X-ray departments and photo labs.

Order a trial pack of two dispensers for the special introduction price of Euro 25,- free house*) or
​order a full box of 10 dispensers, Euro 89,50

All prices are excl. postage, VAT and insurance,
*) excl. the free house price for a test

Shamrock anti-algea tablet in dispencer for watherbaths of developping machines

Shamrock Liquid Super P (WITHOUT CHLORINE)

​Thé economical solution to prevent against slime and bacteria in waterbaths of B/W-, Color-, X-ray- and Offset plate processors for the graphical arts industry and in hospitals.

Broad-spectrum effect
High economical

Price Shamrock Anti Algae Liquid Super P:
Per can of 5 litre concentrate, Euro 167,50

All prices are excl. postage, VAT and insurance

Can of 5 liter Liquid Super P with liquid anti-algea product for processors, without chlorine

Shamrock Anti Algae 20, (WITHOUT CHLORINE)

​for CLOSED watersystems and waterbaths of film- or plate processors and the watersystems of offset presses.

Shamrock Anti Algae 20, is a tablet for 20 ltr. to preserve water that will be used in CLOSED water systems, to avoid bacterial regrowth in a broad spectrum. 
The tablet is based on sodium silver chloride, that inactivates algae and bacteria in clean water for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Order a trial pack Shamrock Anti Algae 5 tablets for 100 litre water: special price of Euro 8,50- free house *)
or order 50 tablets for 1000 litre water, Euro 55,-.
All prices are excl. postage, VAT and insurance
*) excl. the free house price for a test

Anti-Algea tablets for closed watersystems, without chorine